Fuck Christopher Columbus. I'd rather still be living in Switzerland anyway.

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As a bisexual person with a black cat fursona, I feel confident when I say


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Huh. I've been in a relationship with:
- A cis man
- A trans man
-An enby with a penis
- A trans woman

I have never been in a relationship with a cis woman, though. Part of me wants to complete the set, another part of me is telling that part it's awful, and a third is trying to use this as evidence I'm straight. 🤷

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I didn't really get it until I lived outside of the US for a couple of years, but it's hard to quantify just how toxic American culture is.

The way it forces you reduce yourself to have a chance at the basic necessities. They way it punishes people for wanting to do the right thing. The way it rewards abusive behavior.

People really believe the States is the 'best' humanity has offer, and it just isn't.

In fact, in many ways I'd say it's the worst.

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Mi ne volas labori. Mi volas resti ĉe mi kaj starigi servilo de Minetest 😭

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7 tactics of pro-democracy #HongKong protesters

💧 be water

protests swarm to shut down one target after another

🌐 open-source protest

on the spot voting via telegram polls

📱 airdrop

after Telegram DDoS, turn to AirDrop and other P2P tools

✌️ sign language

hand signals and literal signs facilitate supply transfers

😢 🙅 neutralize tear gas

smother canisters w/ traffic cones, wet rags

🚶 avoid stampedes

1-2 1-2 chant to retreat safely

💸 crowdfunding


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Concept: Relaxing open world game where you and your friends build a Utopia on the ruins of society. Scavenge power lines and solar panels to create a microgrid. Tend the garden. Find an old bike and turn it into a cargo bike.

No currency, no cops, no monsters.

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Found a solution to the whole Apple making really painful keyboards problem. On the plus side, I don't have to touch my work computer when I use it xD

Ma but aujourd'hui: Compiler chibi-scheme pour mon 3DS.

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I think my Nix configs will hurt someone. Or possibly make someone hurt me. I'm not sure which.

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