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I installed led panels in my windows because I need to pretend the sun still gets up in the morning here

Halp. I think I'm hyperfocusing on a C++ project, and I don't know what I'm doing, but I'm having fun?

One of my roommates told me I don't grasp the concept of appropriate use of technology. I'm really not sure if this is an achievement or if I'm doing something wrong? Maybe both? I'm just automating the thermostat controls to the point that we have zoned heating...and maybe also wiring in all the security system components that came with the house. There's also access panels on pretty much every floor that will house a wired Arduino Mega that's part of our IOT network, and be powered by PoE

Well, I finally got a pair of Heelys nearly 20 years later xD

Installation went well. Now I just have to wait a few days for the wound to seal up to see how things are going. I can read/write pretty easily from my phone so there doesn't seem to be much swelling either :blobcat3c:

Well, my headphones seem to only respond with a British accent when reading notifications, so I guess I have to switch my Google Assistant's voice from Purple to British Racing Green so that I don't have to deal with the inconsistency

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You know, I really had no idea ate synchronization until broke and I had to switch to

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Ferromones; because they stick to magnets

@thufie 👋 So I was looking over the NPL/CNPL, and I was wondering if "inflicting bodily harm" might want to be defined a bit more, since I'm not sure how it relates to various forms of body art and biohacking, or if specific exceptions might need to be made for those.

Other than that I'm really interested in switching to it for the Kymera project :blobcat:

Up waaay too late. I'm going to bed

Or maybe a pair of shorts. Sighted shorts

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