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"This is how I know Kim is really sick: whenever she can't play Tetris" Your "Public Safety" staff are the worst behaved security staff I have ever seen at a venue.

That said, the enforcers have been awesome, but' security staff need to calm the heck down

The first one was kind of gross and upsetting, but whatever. The second one freaked me the fuck out because I was right next to him when he suddenly screamed in my ear

My bag was turned upside down on the way in and covered in dog snot because security saw my prescription anxiety meds, and now there's some security guy at the top of the showroom escalator needlessly screaming at people to show him their badges Look, I get it, it's Sunday, but the convention center staff at need to chill out before they give people panic attacks

Y'know, I'm not sure why I'm surprised at this, but having been to both East and, I really feel like MAGFest is significantly better organized. I attribute this to the way they automate a lot of the overhead (

I don't know what the dog's name was, but I think I'm going to refer to them as Snot :P Mostly because I'm currently cleaning a whole lot of that off my things now The drugs doggo out front has a cold, and now everything in my bag does too

I'm incredibly surprised that no one tried powering it from a USB C port on a laptop

I'm also so deep in the USB C ecosystem that I don't own any USB 2.0 cables disguised as USB C. They're all proper USB 3.x cables or Thunderbolt 3

Which is not acceptable for several hundred dollar headphones

I had to charge it from my phone because it's the only thing I own that only does 5V Hey, um, could you maybe not have the WH-1000X M3 turn off as soon as power is plugged in? Also, would it have killed you to have it speak power delivery? No PD had me think my headset was broken because it wasn't charging from any USB C adapter I own, or my laptop

Why yes, I would like some coffee with my cream

Halfway through February, and Pittsburgh has finally decided it's time to do winter

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Halp. I have that Smash Mouth song about walking on the sun in my head, but William Shatner is "singing" it

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