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You know, I really had no idea ate synchronization until broke and I had to switch to

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Ferromones; because they stick to magnets

@thufie 👋 So I was looking over the NPL/CNPL, and I was wondering if "inflicting bodily harm" might want to be defined a bit more, since I'm not sure how it relates to various forms of body art and biohacking, or if specific exceptions might need to be made for those.

Other than that I'm really interested in switching to it for the Kymera project :blobcat:

Up waaay too late. I'm going to bed

Or maybe a pair of shorts. Sighted shorts

I kinda want to try building a vest that takes a point cloud and translates it into pulses of varying intensity on a vest

Just wanted to say thanks to the folks who attended my impromptu talk about the prototype I brought to ! Seeing folks interested in it has been inspiring :3

Reinstalling because I apparently have schematics and PCBs to layout

Maybe I'll work on a schematic and PCB for the cheap haptic controller

Whelp, out of energy from all the excitement yesterday from showing off a prototype wearable. I kinda want to go to more stuff today, but it looks like I'm staying home instead

The Omega2 is really underpowered :< I was really hoping it would be a good base SBC for wearables, but that doesn't seem to be the case

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