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The problem with only having six hands is you run out very quickly when holding a lot of things

I think for the first time I'm seriously thinking about designs for simple wetware implants.

Essentially just a simple disc about the size of a nickel with a magnet and small coil embedded inside, with a couple small electrodes on the surface. The idea is that you can magnetically attach a controller, which means you have the ability to easily modify/upgrade the controller -- you could even use a very low energy micro controller to create a multiplexed array of electrodes

Streaming while working on attaching the haptics for a physical Kymera prototype

I feel like this has been asked before, but when does Mary Poppins & Christopher Robin come out?

Oh, wait, Mary Poppins Forever would be the next one, wouldn't it. Hi! What's the best way to get in touch with the Wilkinsburg appointed WPJWA board members?

If it's in source control, you can always git what you want

I'm still moderately annoyed by the fact that I have to remove someone else's customizations that made it into mainline

On the up side, Alita: Battle Angel is enjoyable, even with the really uncanny valley eyes

I really want to be mature, but it really isn't

Yay~ my syntax highlighting tests are passing

Fetaverse; a federated group of social networks deeply interested in dishes that make use of feta cheese

My inbox is full. I will be accepting no new email from now on.

When you get tired of sshing into your machines to do a `git pull; nixos-rebuild switch` after updating configs, you set up so you can just `nixops deploy` everywhere

Halp. I just keep collecting more tools

Oh, fun, I think I got my audio issues figured out

Skill unlocked: DIY DuPont-style crimp connectors

I really want my next laptop to be from System76, but I'm really super partial to track point things :<

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