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Fetaverse; a federated group of social networks deeply interested in dishes that make use of feta cheese

My inbox is full. I will be accepting no new email from now on.

When you get tired of sshing into your machines to do a `git pull; nixos-rebuild switch` after updating configs, you set up so you can just `nixops deploy` everywhere

Halp. I just keep collecting more tools

Oh, fun, I think I got my audio issues figured out

Skill unlocked: DIY DuPont-style crimp connectors

I really want my next laptop to be from System76, but I'm really super partial to track point things :<

@squeakypancakes You'll have to let me know how the clutch epoxying turned out 😅

Disadvantage to not knowing which tool you need for crimp connectors: you're likely to grab the wrong one. Oops.

Thankfully the jaws can be switched out easily, and I found the correct ones. Guess I'll have that sorted in the next couple days

Attending 's talk "Is CSS a Programming Language?", and super enjoying it. If you have the chance you should see her talk

(She also has a bunch of stuff on her site about it:

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Desktop's all set up. I'm a little disappointed with the performance of mechanical disks though

Oh, is so nice. I bought a cheap 802.11ax/BT5.0 card to put in my laptop, and the device is so new that I needed a Linux 5.1+ kernel for the module to I just dropped a `boot.kernelPackages = pkgs.linuxPackages_5_1;` into my NixOS configs, and now I have a 5.1 kernel. How likely is Linux support? I really want to buy it, but if there's plans for a Linux port, or availability via Proton on Steam, I'd rather wait for that. I'm also bit hesitant to buy via Epic's store, since they seem unwilling to bring their launcher to Linux.

Once my desktop's set up I'll be able to stream more reliably, since it has a bit more power than my other machines. Hopefully the sound is also nice on laptop has a very weird mic hum

Okay. Over the past few days I installed (a distribution of ) on two X230 and two T430 laptops (one for @squeakypancakes), and set up on my T430 and backup X230. All that's left is NixOS on my desktop/NAS, and configuring various services across the four systems to be interlinked

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