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"I kinda wanna try this Qt Rust WASM thing" - Me, today, just now

If at first you don't succeed, and you're tired of trying again, try a different method and see if that works instead. Apparently in-circuit reading of bios chips is flakey with my setup, and it's just easier to remove the chip and put it in a zif than to futz with power supplies and chip clips

Halp. My machines are assembling into one

Watching a RAID array construct is quite a lot like watching paint dry

Not sure what made the difference, but minikube is working on my machine after rebuilding Virtual Box and migrating to an i7 :blobcatgooglyshrug:

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And here I was just about to take a shower, and the power goes out because it's raining. Thanks Duquesne.

Going to be pouring all my drives into it in RAID so I can keep historical backups of files that aren't in Git

Well, now I have my desktop in my room. I just need to snag one of the monitors from my desk to set up at my workbench

One of my housemates says I'm addicted to home automation

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The performance bump to an i7 is much appreciated

I also kind of like the feel of the backlit keyboard. It's turned off, but the key feel is nicer for some reason

I need stickers now. This one doesn't have any

I'm sure it isn't just the i7, but I feel like switching to Skulls with no IME made things faster somehow

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