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the year is 2030
lynx has 80% of browser share, other browsers are scrambling to add gopher support

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@Gargron That reminds me. Disney bought fox and the alien franchise. That means the Alien queen is a Disney princess

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this is one of my favorite shit nazis say of all time

cc @OCRbot

That feeling when you aren't sure if you need a therapist or a software engineer

I want a USB C charging mod for the X230

Pfff. ThonkPad is another fun one I saw

I think I need to add Acid Burn to my list of characters I want to cosplay

Actually, I think I might call mine a TinkPad (Tink being short for Tinker, and it fits with LenOwO)

It would also mean that I might be able to more easily make room for mods like an absurdly oversized WiFi adapter designed for use in an access point, or add lego-compatible pegs on the lid, or more space for internal USB devices, or a convenient loop for a phone charm, or print up keys with no text or silly logos on them

Apparently has a Pittsburgh office. I'm sending them an RFQ to see what it might cost to get scans of most of the shell components. I know it's probably going to be cost prohibitive, but I really want an atomic purple LenOwO HakPad X230 xD

Yeah, I need to find someone to make 3D scans of the X230 plastic shell components so I can get them printed in clear plastic

Oh, neat. I kinda want this for the chiclet keyboard, but being able to print up keys for the classic keyboard is also cool

Does anyone know where I can get a transparent shell for the X230?

..Asking for a friend.

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