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There should be a Firefox Reality for desktop, and it should work and feel like Johnny Mnemonic

I just realized I use the word "personalized" waaaay different than other people do. I usually mean I visibly broke something and will have to fix it :blobsweat:

"I'm gonna boost a thing that I said that you posted." - @squeakypancakes, 2019

Having support is an important feature when selecting a messaging service.

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I think it's time for some B.E.R.

I'm still unsure why my x230 feels faster than my work laptop (2018 MBP). I'm running more or less the same software (Firefox, Alacritty, Vim, TMUX)

Lactaid is really amazing. I'm back to just dealing with gluten without having latctose intolerance in the mix

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It's really nice how my needs change suddenly and without my knowledge or consent.

@BraixenIRL I'm always so worried I'll wind up with the blue spill rather than the red drink :blobsweat:

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