I'm just waiting for the day that systemd gets eaten by Emacs

I want more side pockets. They're so much better because you can sit down and not worry about breaking things or being jabbed by something

Tired: Back pockets
Wired: Side pockets

@lynnesbian The things with the IDs and `#` prefix in the URL?

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@BraixenIRL Yup! Mine are just Zigbee-compatible multicolor ones from Sengled, but I'm planning on picking up a couple plugs and fan controllers that operate using the same spec at some point too

Soon there will be four smart lights in my room

Yeah, I think I'm not going to use 's managed , and will just run my own docker swarm instead. It's way less expensive.

As it stands, I'm looking at bumping up the cost to the $30-40/mo range to remove bottlenecks by scaling horizontally; mostly because it's the only service I run that I can reasonably play around with something like that, since it would actually benefit from it

For reference, it currently only costs $20/mo to cover hosting, but I really really want to use their managed and , even though neither one is particularly necessary here 😅

I'm in one of those situations where I really want to pay for some really fancy things with awoo.pub's hosting provider (DigitalOcean), but I don't particularly want to spend $60/mo on hosting :blobsweat:

Advertisements are just spam where the author paid off the right people.

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protip: if you have an ebooks bot and you post the lyrics to smash mouth's "all star", your bot will occasionally randomly start singing all star mid-sentence

@BraixenIRL I think you have several times more music than I have storage

It would be really sad if Peter Parker was bitten by a radioactive mosquito

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