Every time I open the package listing I see a console version of 2048 and think about just how dangerous that would be to install

Apparently the tab count indicator on Chrome (Android) turns into an emote when you reach 100 tabs

I ❤️ the way the profile directory on 2.7 requires people to opt-in, so people aren't just thrown in a public listing if they don't want to be (unlike some services *coughfacebookcough*)

So, I've made a somewhat faithful recreation of an old chain email from the mid-to-late-90's -- complete without smooth scroll because it didn't exist at the time :D

Link: snowball.9k1.us/
Source: gitlab.com/zick.kim/memes/spla

Too real. I feel called out.

(I don't have the source for this)

It's not pretty, but the simulator is wired up and working :3

As much as I want command history restored for zsh, I'm not sure I want it to clobber scrollback when saving that history

Me: *Sees a Team Rocket Grunt*
Me: Hey, that's my style!
Team Rocket Grunt:

Is it a bad thing that my primary method of interacting with Windows is in a VM using Steam's in home streaming?

Oh, right, also from a phone.

It's a virtual machine, running on a remote machine, with USB devices from a local machine.

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