@rummik you can get from me the original discs. For 20 Euro one ;)

@rummik the funny thing is, judging by the size of the sd card, even that mod is outdated, probably only capable of holding maybe 256mb to 2gb

@jackofallEves It's USB 3 and has a 128GB SD card according to the Imgur album! :O

@rummik @jackofallEves huh .. and it even shows up as a floppy on older systems. Man ... that's way too much effort.

@djsumdog @jackofallEves That's the sleeper computer the drive is installed in, so it's an old case with new hardware. I think it uses an autorun.inf to specify the icon, but I don't know if that works with current Windows :blobsweat:

@Obiols @rummik @jackofallEves
Soy muy escéptica, tengo que hacerlo personalmente para creerlo 🤣

@Maya @rummik @jackofallEves Por lógica no creo que las disqueteras soportaran 11gb.

@Obiols @rummik @jackofallEves Además de que son dispositivos de lectura distintos los que se requieren, yo pienso. El disquete es magnético, para empezar.

@rummik @jackofallEves They still make SD cards of that size, which means you can get them with decent capacity. And even then, you can get MicroSD adapters in that form factor! Stack those adapters. :-)

@varx In my experience, the larger SD cards typically have better transfer speeds due to better chips being less expensive at larger (physical) sizes


@rummik I feel this would make it a lot easier to not lose sd cards

@rummik can't wait for someone to build the same thing for an "Actually Floppy" Floppy Disk

@rummik c'est un put*** de hack sympathoche. Un bon moyen de cacher un carte sd avec les clefs luks du serveur.

@rummik ok is this a modification of the HXC firmware?

( hxc2001.free.fr/floppy_drive_e )

I _really_ hope it is, because then it would come full circle...

@Truck It doesn't look like it is. From what I've read it's just a regular SD adapter inside a very fancy enclosure

@rummik This does not make me want one less, just... well...

It _does_ remind me of the floppy adapters for some cameras 20 years ago.

Ah well, I ... probably don' t need to go buy the things to make one today (:

@Truck I don't have any floppy drives or floppies floating around, or I'd probably be doing this ^^;

Tu viens de donner une raison au pourquoi je n'ai jamais jeté ni mes diskettes, ni le lecteur ! ^^

@rummik That reminds me, I had something called Professor Windows, for Windows 3.1 training. It came on a set of floppies. Sadly, I sacrificed the floppies a long time ago.

@rummik I dunno ... Floppys caused me a fair amount of HeartAche.... :/

@rummik me too...

Technically, that should be easy to build, since tooling and molds for 3,5" FDDs and drives still exist, and electrrically it's replacing the drive head with a vertical contacting assembly...

I would consider embedding an SSD and pinout-ing either SATA-6G or USB 3.x as a faster option, through SD cards have replaced FDDs in their use cases...

@rummik this is thw most extra thing ever and I love it

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