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@rummik "Your password contains forbidden characters." whenever I see this I assume they're not only storing the password in cleartext but also executing strings as code, and don't know how to fix it...

The D-Terminal has a 3.5mm jack, which makes it automatically better than the latest iPhones

Why am I procrastinating on rewiring my desk?

Seriously. 200% CPU usage. Two entire CPU cores. How.

Yeesh. YouTube Music's desktop site wrecks my CPU usage

Intense cartoon violence? Show more

I also really need to get around to configuring BitlBee to let me post to Mastodon and send messages on Discord and Hangouts

...Well, that was short lived. Now I want to go back to organizing my desk and then maybe fiddling with a Pi. ADHD is a pain sometimes :/

So TIL that `kwriteconfig5` is a thing. Now I want to see if I can manage to convince to configure KDE on my install

"Your password is too long." - whenever I see this I assume they're storing the passwords clear text instead of hashing it

OH: "Netflix, but for movies"

Have you tried *not* feeling not well?

Just so folks are aware, I'm streaming while I fiddle with getting to handle setting up the home network configuration. I'm also probably going to be jumping back and forth between that and another project on a Pi Zero W

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Okay, well I guess I'm done with other things today. Might as well just stream randomness while I fiddle with a Pi Zero

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what people think programming is: creating new things

what it really is: copying and pasting errors into google. copying and pasting that one class file. also that one Makefile. and of course that one capybara test... you know the one; yeah that one!

Also, Duck Game is basically that multiplayer minigame of Jazz Jackrabbit.

...I'm not saying this is a bad thing. I really like both of them ❤

...Samsung is literally the worst at phones. Even worse than Apple.