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Hi! I'm *Kim!

I use , write a lot of and , do terrible things in , and my official title is

Lately I've been focusing on , specifically

I upload most of my work to, with more official things at

You can support my work at or

Also, my pronouns are she/her
I am

My adminsona is @kim

I love that I can just look up FCC internal photos for so many things

I just wish the schematics and block diagrams we're legally required to be public information

I'm pretty happy about the lighting in my room :3 It's actually almost light enough in here with the lights on now

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The more I hear Google Assistant's Purple voice, the more I feel like it was intended to sound like the voice of the ship's computer from Star Trek

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Terra's trans; she wears cargo jorts.

They aren't at work, and I had them there on Thursday, and didn't when I got home that night

Well, unfortunately I seem to have lost my rings

So...has anyone else ran into the problem where you snap flathead bits from accidentally over-torquing them? I feel like I could get a job working with Adam Savage from doing this twice while fixing an old door.

I'm just waiting for the day that systemd gets eaten by Emacs

I want more side pockets. They're so much better because you can sit down and not worry about breaking things or being jabbed by something

Tired: Back pockets
Wired: Side pockets

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Soon there will be four smart lights in my room

Yeah, I think I'm not going to use 's managed , and will just run my own docker swarm instead. It's way less expensive.

As it stands, I'm looking at bumping up the cost to the $30-40/mo range to remove bottlenecks by scaling horizontally; mostly because it's the only service I run that I can reasonably play around with something like that, since it would actually benefit from it

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