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*hyperfocuses on Docker documentation*
*in a Keanu voice*
I know Docker-fu.

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Hi! I'm *Kim!

I use , write a lot of and , do terrible things in , and my official title is

Lately I've been focusing on , specifically

I upload most of my work to, with more official things at

You can support my work at or

Also, my pronouns are she/her
I am

My adminsona is @kim

My brain confuses me sometimes. Like, why do I like to listen to Toriena at volume when I have a headache?

(I mean, I *really like her music*, but it seems counterintuitive for my brain to enjoy mixing it with head pain)

I'm watching Doom Patrol and I'm pretty sure The Bureau of Normalcy is actually just The SCP Foundation

Alternative title for Gremlins:
Big Tribble in Little China

Does anyone know of an XKCD-448 compliant sleep tracker?

Apparently I'm in the stage of Linux where you set up an ARM build cluster.

"Warning: Replace Only With Some Type And Rating Of Fuse"

Oh neat a another Tron film. Too bad I won't be watching it because Jared Leto is an awful person who thinks method acting is acceptable when playing the role of a horrible abuser.

I really need to get back into this social media thing

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