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Full-text search is now enabled for!

@huxley It was approved! Also, the federated timeline moves quickly now...

@huxley Added. Just waiting for approval from

Upgraded to Mastodon 2.5.0 Show more

@huxley I'll make a note for when we upgrade to 2.5.0

Mastodon v2.4.4 → v2.4.5 Show more

Mastodon v2.4.4 → v2.4.5 Show more

Upgrading to Mastodon 2.4.4 Show more

@huxley I think it's cute. Originally I had in mind a wolf howling at three moons (a three moon wolf, if you will), but I'm definitely open to doggo with airplane

@huxley np! I've been meaning to do that for a while now, but having other folks impacted by it added some motivation

Upgrades are complete. Thanks for awooing at the moon with us!

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Upgrade night! Show more

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