@Ace good episode! Bonus points for a Boston Molasses Flood reference :-)

Furry culture is driving incredibly long distances to eat at the same chain restaurants

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bap driven development - @HuxleyFur@twitter.com

What timeline do you read the most? Home, Local, or Federated?

Relive my mix of delicious synthy goodness from 's Friday night! mixcloud.com/djhuxley/huxley-f
When the dancers stormed the stage during Sweet Dreams I knew this one was going to be special :)

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I will be DJing Friday night at Furpocalypse! Come shake your tail to some blissed-out synthy goodness

we haven't been this united since 9/12

lots of great Content™ being generated thanks to the presidential alert!

Holy crap returning to work after two weeks off and the day goes so goddamn slow

Nov 23rd is , the holiday for celebrating people who are good to dogs. Seems legit!


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Masto is 90% shitposting and it's not really interesting to read that much shit

Gonna wear a tail at Vogue's Fashion Night Out in Shibuya Saturday evening because that's what vacation is for

huh what's the difference between unlisted and followers-only?

action on the fediverse has really dropped off since the stampede a few weeks ago

feel like I finished all the work I have for today, and it's only 3:45. So, uh, I think I'll just go.

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