my goto font used to be Arial Rounded MT Bold

now its PxPlus IBM VGA8 or 04b03

idk why im thinking about fonts. this is just a "hey i still exist" post tbh

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I can now send and receive mail from

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"infinity war is the most ambitious crossover ever"

linux pull request #684 approvers:

I saved 14816 bytes on an image just by resaving a PNG in!

this was measured from the first unique change (in my case, from the first 0x24 bytes) to the IDAT bytes btw if you wanna compare the same png saved from different image programs

ill never understand why adobe has to add 0x3A41 bytes worth of metadata comprising of XML when you save a PNG in photoshop versus the mere 0x61 bytes from

plus the phone i have the number on has a non-working display and i uninstalled telegram ages ago off of it so its seriously a locked acc

and i havent gotten a new phone either

so im pretty much locked out of my telegram acc that i have on a phone number i havent renewed service on for almost a year now and is probably recycled by now

amazing app

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