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day 1: my memory is really shitty, but wii sports resort was a fucking jam, but i also have memories of this one city building game on the ps2, and super monkey ball.

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if anyone actually needs to contact me for some reason and dislikes discord then hmu on xmpp:

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hello welcome to my <insert joke here> the only show that features someone who unironically goes under the alias of counter strike.

nerdy, nervous little girl that listens to midis and screams over cs:s while using msn messenger, cuddly, overall friendly, i think. sometimes i like to talk about my friends too. term nerd. hope ill be somewhat active here.


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i forgot how to sleep for one day and now i cannot ever sleep again my brain is nyoomin

pop culture: we handle all sorts of nerds, besides that one
me: ***screams in source, obscure, 2000s era shit***
pop culture: i heard they like maplestory and cs:s, what an absoute human

humans are weirdly obsessed with ai
i guess its because its cool

is it weird i like writing alternative text for images
like can i volunteer somewhere to do it i'd love to

my brain runs windows vista and requires 6 gigs of ram.
it only has two things installed, msn messenger, and counter-strike: source

i want to make a bot that just searches the web for images of csgo sas and then posts it

im made out of
25% sas
25% vin
25% adhd
25% the void most likely

do you think non-english speakers see us americans and what we like and go "hmm, thats interesting" ?

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