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hello welcome to my <insert joke here> the only show that features someone who unironically goes under the alias of counter strike.

nerdy, nervous little girl that listens to midis and screams over cs:s while using msn messenger, cuddly, overall friendly, i think. sometimes i like to talk about my friends too. term nerd. hope ill be somewhat active here.


doctor: dont drink caffeine lol
me, immediately as i go home: *opens a can of mtn dew*

*jumps on your knees*
 (='•'= )
 (")   (")
  \,\ /,/

how many people actually game on linux
because i wanna gayme on linux

i have 0.07 cents in crypto
am i cool yet

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i just realized my computer has a soundcard

well uhm, this is gonna be fun

Me waiting politely to post my comment/question on discord after everyone's done talking

hey if this seller doesnt accept my return what should i do with a blacklisted kindle 5th generation

tbh i kinda miss linux despite the fact i struggled a lot trying to use it due to sheer "not knowing what i was doing" and things not working out of the box
but i dont feel like installing it and then deciding "i like windows" and need to reinstall windows

thats silly i wouldnt ever do that
(ive done that twice)

i havent used a weird messenger in a while and tbh i think i have the urge to

trying a new browser means trying a new browser

i dont know what else to say about that lol. anyways yeah thats what im doing

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