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hello welcome to my <insert joke here> the only show that features someone who unironically goes under the alias of counter strike.

nerdy, nervous little girl that listens to midis and screams over cs:s while using msn messenger, cuddly, overall friendly, i think. sometimes i like to talk about my friends too. term nerd. hope ill be somewhat active here.


i keep on having bad fucking dreams and im upset

What is it with all my friends with Source and GoldSrc, So many mappers, speedrunners and nerds everywhere

kids, dont invite me to parties because i will most likely downgrade your version of cs:go to demo viewer, eat all of the chips, get really lonely as i have no one to hang out with, and scream at anything if i get worked up, especially at a dog

oh and maybe steal a hat. real life? tf2? dont care, hat.

me: tries to be helpful and productive
also me: literally calls the admins "Nerds™️©️®️" and says fucking to basically end all of my sentences

i just remembered why i never get my mod apps for anything accepted

i say fuck too much

i had a dream where i was chell and was doing test chambers and shit

and ya know what i can get behind this

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old goldsrc/source games that get updated with steampipe are odd, idk why or how, but they're just odd to me

CS:CZ tip, mentions of damage and shit. basically welcome 2 fps Show more

me: what if they had the scenes/missions but multiplayer


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