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day 1: my memory is really shitty, but wii sports resort was a fucking jam, but i also have memories of this one city building game on the ps2, and super monkey ball.

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if anyone actually needs to contact me for some reason and dislikes discord then hmu on xmpp:

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hello welcome to my <insert joke here> the only show that features someone who unironically goes under the alias of counter strike.

nerdy, nervous little girl that listens to midis and screams over cs:s while using msn messenger, cuddly, overall friendly, i think. sometimes i like to talk about my friends too. term nerd. hope ill be somewhat active here.


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i feel like i need a constant stream of content of things i enjoy or else ill start whining to everyone until they give me some content
yay for major hyperfixation

sometimes i question how people can be obsessed over obscure af shit without losing it after too little fan service

safe to say im in that boat where i slowly dry out due to no new content for the things i love in the way i do


do you ever just accidently run over a fellow comrade in a discord server

person: i love my <person>
me: yeah but have you considered investing in the tf2 economy?

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why dont more people just use msn and xmpp smh
who needs this fancy discord when you can

use old software
or use cool software

fun fact im a ditto under the sas mask
which is why i am a catgirl robot dog info_player_start freeman

if i ever make a site that requires a login, im gonna allow people to use their steam account, and their nintendo id account

no reason though, just because i can.

people: christmas
me: why do terrorists wear sunglasses? so de_dust doesnt get in 2 their eyes

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