So... I really should apply for my pre-settlement status if I don't want my Slavic ass kicked out of the country... It's gonna be fun proving I've been in the country and all... also probably should make an appointment with my uni's counselling team just to make sure I won't make any mistakes in my application :/ also Β£65 for applying, wtf

to be clear, the government says it's free now and they'll reimburse everyone who already paid it.. but on the page with form they still ask for it? but they "take debit and credit cards", how generous... πŸ™„πŸ™„


I envy my Australian friend who got the citizenship because of her father... I wish my parents were from here :/

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And I hope they won't decide to change the rules at some point after I get the pre-settlement status... Like I kinda need to be in the country to finish my studies...

So I wonder if I could marry someone for citizenship πŸ€”πŸ€”

If the home office is reading this I am obviously just joking... *nervous laugh*

*winks at my friend* hey... so we know each other for a while... you've cooked pasta for me... we've spooned, you've seen me drunk, you listened to me complaining about my relationships... whatcha say, wanna give marriage a shot?

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