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with mass surveillance, aren't we all "as seen on TV"?

unfair that babies have more bones than i do even though they are fucking tiny

We didn't say anything in the end... I am kinda regretting it... But then not sure if we causing a scene would be such a great idea...

Not mentioning he started talking some BS about bisexuals... We are both queer so I was like "should I mention I am bi loudly enough for him to hear"

My friend and I overheard some guy talking about "150kg fat ugly girl"... It's been a while since the last we both wanted to scream at someone in public.....

remembering unicode is adding nonbinary emoji so at some point we'll have πŸ‘©β€β€οΈβ€πŸ’‹β€πŸ‘© (kiss_ww) but with 2 enbies instead

y'all posting your hot takes. but when will you hot give

parents, to a 12-year old: I think this is just a phase, you're too young to know πŸ™„

parents, to a 3-year-old: awwww, Timmy's been hanging out with Jessica a lot! does someone have a *giiiiiiiirlfriend?* 😍

[reading shampoo labels]

"For Shiny Hair," . . .

"For Softer Hair," hmmmmm . . .

"For Damaged Hair,,?" why would I want damaged hair ??

Today is the day I finally google "Hatsune Miku" and then squint at my screen, this clears nothing up

I feel like that vegan police scene in Scott Pilgrim would be a lot more stringent in real life.

"You're under arrest for eating those hard candies"
"Hang on, I read the label! Surely they're OK"
"They contain shellac, which is derived from beetle secretions"
"...what the fuck?"

unionizing shitposters to advocate for us against Big Shit

stubble aka a facial gradient (the extra shading makes your face a premium commission)

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