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So this turned out to be "one of those days".... I was having fun today, ended up sad for basically no reason......

Okay how do you do videos for those filters on Snapchat? It only allows me to take still pictures... It didn't use to be like that

toxic mascuwulinity: toxic masculinity, now for softbois

Hey has anyone here got a doctorate? I could use someone who has to ask questions. Especially if it's one in STEM, Especially if it's computer science

transparent plastic electronics were so good looking

Duolingo calling it your "target language" makes it feel like you could kind of just fuck up and *miss* and accidentally learn the wrong language, or something that isn't a language

i talk about bad things happening to me a lot bc im like 95% sure i actually have a curse of some kind and its fairly consistent in how it works

throwing frozen peaches at fascists is protected speech

Seriously I always think is GUYS CHANGE YOUR NAME OR STH @SDF

@bugbear what is more adult than recognizing good advice and not following it?

remind me netflix, what is it good for to stream only 4th season of lucifer?

i realise that's because of distribution rights, but why even bother having 4th season there?

Being a teenager is realizing you don't need a bed time
Being an adult is recognizing that it's better to have one anyway

What road does Hermione from Harry Potter take to visit her parents? Show more

Our mom: teaches my sister and I how to be good people, have strong core values and to defend against injustice, gives us the tools to be intelligent

Us: thanks mom

Us: use those skills to start roasting the shitty people in our extended family and dragging them for filth on the regular

Our mom: :oh_no: :oh_no_bubble:

yknow those "NO FEAR.... ONE FEAR" posts

i cannot relate bc i have. so many fears. i have all the fears. please help.

if you are having a bad day today because your mom sucks Show more

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