been looking at all the people memeing on the tesla cybertruck, my personal favourite is;
"when the ps1 has better graphics than your car"

this game from 1987 predicted the Minecraft creeper face

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pee pee, and, i cannot stress this enough, poo poo

it works better single-player on the bi-planes and jets games on the cart since they're constantly moving, it works on practically every game mode except from tank pong

how to cheese the system on a 42 year old game,
also yes i know this is supposed to be for 2 players, just thought I'd show it off

Been doing some programming on the NES using CC65 and have managed to get the famitracker driver working instead of famitone2 and a whole host of other things, this will be the first demo released by Open Source Toast, ETA: whenever i want to finish it, before NOVA 2020

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hooked my gameboy up to an amp yesterday since the music technician guy was wondering what it would sound like, sounds pretty damn good B)

can we all just take a moment to appreciate kirby sliding down this hill

NES arrived, had the grey screen error, cleaned the contacts with some WD40 and it works like a charm, very proud :))))

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first day back at college was fun, tutor was really impressed i had some retro machines i make music on, especially the amiga lol

JSPaint is one of the best things I've seen in a while on the web, so here's something I made in it

Finally finished my first LSDJ Gameboy cover, please be nice :)))

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Ok so fun fact:

Comic Sans has a very important and good use

It's significantly more accessible to people with dyslexia

The odd and cartoonish curves of the letters aren't particularly standard in the font making it easier for people with dyslexia to distinguish different letters from their neighbors

Maybe that wasn't why the font was designed originally, but at this point, it's an accessibility feature essentially

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