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We are using a birdsite to mastodon bridge, This is a test toast to see if it works

This was previously but re-purposed to Open Source Toast.

We are now available via birdsite at

@/gewt on birdsite:
"installing an opl2 in my toaster so i can store midi on toast"

Next question is would it be easy to etch PDF417 barcodes, decode them to midi data

Saying that it is needed more as I am partially sighted and sometimes use a screen reader because of tunnel vision. ( @BraixenIRL )

Added two alternative stylesheets to
as per request from sombody who had problems reading from the original design.
Also fixed navigation issues with screen readers,
Web Accessibility is needed more tbh.

We now have High-Speed Dial-Up services with 1 assigned internet protocol version 4 address with shared bandwidth.
So you can enjoy downloading your fave midis with high speeds!

Fallen to capitalism, We now sell empty toaster boxes

Open-Source Toast Now available via direct line coaxial

Only we would have the problem of getting out of bed, Tripping on a toaster, Going to the kitchen to figure out *which* toaster is plugged into the wall socket...

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Does your toaster have 7 node.js vulns?

Ours does!

Open-Source Toast is literally for shits and giggles at this point

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