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Linus Torvalds gets penguin plushes, We seem to get toast plushes, Thank you.

I was only able to attend for one day, Thank you everyone I met today at ^

we're seeing bread levels at about 34%

(34%) ■■■□□□□□□□

Picking out my laser harp tomorrow and going to make music with it, Can't say its going to be good, But it will be music

We are using a birdsite to mastodon bridge, This is a test toast to see if it works

This was previously but re-purposed to Open Source Toast.

We are now available via birdsite at

@/gewt on birdsite:
"installing an opl2 in my toaster so i can store midi on toast"

Next question is would it be easy to etch PDF417 barcodes, decode them to midi data

Saying that it is needed more as I am partially sighted and sometimes use a screen reader because of tunnel vision. ( @BraixenIRL )

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