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Ok I'm ordering a new mug and new shirt with the new logo so I can make real life product images!

We are here to release our first "prod" as in a nice bit of Teletext, BBCMicro Mode7 art by @BraixenIRL,

Her comment - "I messed up the arm"

After 4 hours of trial and error

We now have an actual website that wasn't thrown together in AOL press...

Actually its 228TB as one of the nodes is offline

for anyone with Shell access, your home folder now has 500GB of space each but you can request more.

After 2 years of uptime we restarted our server, But now we have 240TB of space.

Look, if Linux can run on a toaster, you can play the Imperial March on a toaster

lan party but instead of gaming your'e writing assembly programs in a fast paced competition to make the best demo

Our Community radio license expired and we are currently on wait for a new one

Should we continue on with the radio station through a web-http stream?
or should I buy a boat and broadcast from offshore?

Our minecraft server is now running carpet/fabric now, So that's neat.

Damn you ladies, gents, enbies and cuties are fast, I wish it shown who redeemed it,

Hello, I have poor spending habbits, So heres a sudden giveaway of Discord Nitro

We have renamed the Crystal Cluster to "Steven Universe",
Depending on bandwidth issues, Public shell access maybe?

We just redesigned the admin panel for our website, Can you see it?
Yes... Kinda, You can see the login page.

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