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Our Community radio license expired and we are currently on wait for a new one

Should we continue on with the radio station through a web-http stream?
or should I buy a boat and broadcast from offshore?

Our minecraft server is now running carpet/fabric now, So that's neat.

Damn you ladies, gents, enbies and cuties are fast, I wish it shown who redeemed it,

Hello, I have poor spending habbits, So heres a sudden giveaway of Discord Nitro

We have renamed the Crystal Cluster to "Steven Universe",
Depending on bandwidth issues, Public shell access maybe?

We just redesigned the admin panel for our website, Can you see it?
Yes... Kinda, You can see the login page.

this toot was written with the delicate hands of a lesbian and was specially hand crafted to call you cute.

you cute

Note to self, This account doesn't have to be formal

so penis

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