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I am being held hostage by myself until I toot this,

Fuck with me and you're toast.

Shell Access will be down for 8 hours,
Radio will be down until further notice,
The Toaster in the Break room will still be up and running.

Making some Open-Source Toast with locally aquired wheat

We haven't tooted for 8 days and I would like to say I'm gay, I mean, Were back.

We have redesigned our site,
Thank's to @BraixenIRL's notepad.exe skills,

Please leave your opinions as a reply.

Make bot that boosts things with toast in it,
Turns out "toast" is said every 7 mimutes ovet ActivityPub

Soon we are planning to do a massive UK tour to look for public pianos and Deaddrops (P2P USB's),
We are also picking up old thinkpads too, If anybody would be intrested and would love to have updates of what we do and when give us a follow.

The Open Source Toast community went as sans and played Minecraft: Windows 10 Edition together on Saturday,
I forgot to send this toot and it decided to draft itself.

After second thoughts of posting this "Bloginate" sounds very rude or gross

We were going to make a blog but here will do fine,
First post

Announcing our blog

Hi we bloginate now

We try to toot at least once a week,
What if there was a toast themed mastodon instance so instead of toot....


Public FTP is disabled because people are uhhhh... weird...

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