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Public FTP is disabled because people are uhhhh... weird...

Pro tip: don't make your discord bot able to send shit to social media

We updated our website,

Colors may seem a little contrasting but that is because my monitors are monochrome and I cannot be asked fine tuning them.

Valve cancels Source2 and brings out TOAST2 including some new games.

Butter knife: Global Offensive
Half-Loaf 3
Left for Bread 3

Disclaimer: We no longer have a shell access machine and haven't for 3 years now, But if you ask nicely you can get a hug :blobcatmelt:

Limited Shell Access accounts for $15/month,
Full Shell Access Accounts for $150/month,
My undying love and affection for all of you for $0.00/month

Update on selling the laptop, Somebody is buying it and we are going to starbucks later

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We are doing another project.

In 1 line of bash script,
Amaze us.

Please nothing destructive, Just something nice and flashy.

Leak image of our shell access systems, They may not be the best, But they work,

But really we have a rack mounted HP DL145 G3 with 4GB DDR2, 1TB HDD and a 240 SSD, It also has a futuristic looking NAS rack above it that has 43 TB of space.

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This is one of many Mastodon instances in what we call the "fediverse" -- think of it kind of like an email service, but for a global social network.

Our instance focuses on keeping a stable server, and protecting privacy and safety of our users.