The Open Source Toast community went as sans and played Minecraft: Windows 10 Edition together on Saturday,
I forgot to send this toot and it decided to draft itself.

After second thoughts of posting this "Bloginate" sounds very rude or gross

We were going to make a blog but here will do fine,
First post

Announcing our blog

Hi we bloginate now

We try to toot at least once a week,
What if there was a toast themed mastodon instance so instead of toot....


Public FTP is disabled because people are uhhhh... weird...

Pro tip: don't make your discord bot able to send shit to social media

We updated our website,

Colors may seem a little contrasting but that is because my monitors are monochrome and I cannot be asked fine tuning them.

Valve cancels Source2 and brings out TOAST2 including some new games.

Butter knife: Global Offensive
Half-Loaf 3
Left for Bread 3

Disclaimer: We no longer have a shell access machine and haven't for 3 years now, But if you ask nicely you can get a hug :blobcatmelt:

Limited Shell Access accounts for $15/month,
Full Shell Access Accounts for $150/month,
My undying love and affection for all of you for $0.00/month

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