We are here to release our first "prod" as in a nice bit of Teletext, BBCMicro Mode7 art by @BraixenIRL,

Her comment - "I messed up the arm"

Sad news, The Toaster will be offline for 20 minutes, Meaning no toasted bread.

Other than that sad news, We are getting a new desk in the Breadroom (Break room).

Anybody want a really good badge for your site, Would be nice to link back to us here :)

The Open Source Toast community went as sans and played Minecraft: Windows 10 Edition together on Saturday,
I forgot to send this toot and it decided to draft itself.

Leak image of our shell access systems, They may not be the best, But they work,

But really we have a rack mounted HP DL145 G3 with 4GB DDR2, 1TB HDD and a 240 SSD, It also has a futuristic looking NAS rack above it that has 43 TB of space.


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