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Hey, We are a team of local and internet spanning people who make weird projects that seem to not get finished,
We also have a 3D printer and a RPi3 toaster,
Everybody in the team is into demoscene and anything retro
Follow if you want to find out what we are all up to, You can also follow our personal profiles at:

this toot was written with the delicate hands of a lesbian and was specially hand crafted to call you cute.

you cute

Note to self, This account doesn't have to be formal

so penis

One of our team leaders is going to AWS Innovate in person to speak to those business people persons to pitch our idea for open-source hardware smart-toasters,
Honestly the worst idea we've had yet since firework skateboards

We now have a page that shows members of the team, Made during a collab VS Code session with @fade and @BraixenIRL

Sad news, The Toaster will be offline for 20 minutes, Meaning no toasted bread.

Other than that sad news, We are getting a new desk in the Breadroom (Break room).

idk what posessed me to model the twemoji bread emoji 🍞

Anybody want a really good badge for your site, Would be nice to link back to us here :)

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