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youtube was made by you wanting a tube to yell on and hear other people yell in the same tube

Hey girls welcome one of my non-official but poly dating kinda girlfriend to Mastodon @BraixenIRL

git commit -m 'Added girl gay'
git push

I've never seen anyone buy condoms from the pharmacy where do they get them from then???

I call everyone a nerd or a dork and people call me cute for it

Currently feeling like shit pls dm me on discord and give hugs and talk about coffee

"ok google, how to unbirthday"

"Showing results on how to unbirth:"


I wish i was born in 2000 so I get to roam the internet and be an edgelord posting memes without seeming like im trying to fit in

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My gf still hasn't had her broadband fitted so im still at a friends house most of the day

Goodnight Nerds, Dorks, Orcs, Slimegirls, Robo girls and sharkgirls :blobcatbreadpeek:

Brb taking a sleeping pill because I have work tomorrow

It's just in:
2 Lesbian couples pair together and create a 4-way poly relationship

Fyi if you have a red or purple strike in your hair we are automatically friends

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