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I just set up an XMPP account at

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If you are in the general Sacramento metropolitan area of NorCal and want to check in, hit me up!

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Welcome to my profile!

A little about me:
-Anime fan
-Classic cartoon fan
-Classic rock fan
-Computer hobbyist from modern to vintage
--Particularly a fan of open source, including Linux, FreeBSD
-MtF | HRT: November 1, 2018
-Social media in this thread.

Merry Christmas, everyone! I hope everyone has a fun and safe holiday season!

I apologize for not having been around lately. Dealing with some real-word concerns here, including a new job coming (hopefully) soon. Right now, the only thing I'm waiting on with the job is a start date, the only factor is that the person who's going to call me has been super busy.

It is official!

closet_status = false;


A reminder:

November 1, 2019. Save the date.


Whoa, it's week 51 already!

Well, it's a well and a day away...

Things are brewing in my neck of the woods that I'm really excited about. I can't really talk much about it right now*, but all I can say is this:

November 1, 2019.

Save the date.
*However, I'll gladly discuss it in PM wherever you're connected with me on social media.

Is anyone who's on Twitter having trouble intermittently getting "Whoops! You already tweeted that" messages for tweets you'd never tweeted before?

Eleven months ago today, I started the journey of a lifetime I never even realized I was preparing for. The trip's been a great one thus far. My, how the first year draws close.

Been at MAGWest all weekend here. Been running the PC gaming LAN here. I love doing this kind of thing at the events I do these for.

As of today, over been on HRT for ten months. It's been a fantastic journey this far, and I sincerely thank everyone who's shown me support throughout.

Meanwhile, off to bed with me. 'Night, all~!

Meanwhile, forgot to click on three components I wanted to enable in this install of Windows, Telnet and TFTP clients and WSL. Staying away from the "Virtual Machine Platform" for now because I want to use virtualization that actually WORKS.

@niconiconi I didn't notice it before, but I see you have K&R Second Edition. I have a copy of that book, along with Harbison & Steele somewhere (not sure which edition). The first one is essential for anyone working with C. The latter is great for not just language reference, but for language implementations, like if you're looking at GCC, Clang, Open Watcom or something similar at the source level. Great stuff!

I'm done with this trash fire of a day when it comes to this computer. G'night, all.

Finally got most of my system installed to the point where my old setup died when it was being updated. I need to go over the backed-up now-dead installation with a fine-toothed comb to see what I'm missing that was on that drive. That and grab data from my old profile directories (I have multiple older installs' worth of them!) to repopulate my new profile directory. That and mess with codec/splitter configs and I'm good to go.

Well, that's just wonderful.

Apparently, "Update to Release 1903" now means "Fresh install".

Well, fuck you, too, Microsoft. >:T

Meanwhile, upgrading my primary desktop PC from Win10Rel1809 to Win10Rel1903. I'm hoping it might (though doubtful) alleviate the virtual memory leak issue I'm seeing after running the system for several days at a time.

Oh, Microsoft, when will you ever learn...?

I swear, social media is getting so damned depressing nowadays...

Random Computing Thought of the Day(R):

BIOS+MBR+Multiboot = Black art.

(U)EFI+GPT+Multiboot = Fine art.

Hi, all.

Things are a whole lot better now. Just a bit tired of running around for the past nearly week and a half.

Good afternoon, all.

Things are better, but I'm still cautious.

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