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#mastodev please someone help me I am terrified and this cert expires in 10 days

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So today I made a webcam stream that looks at a 128x64 lcd and you can control it from a discord bot

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@KitsuneAlicia Apparently IntcSST2.bin has been stock with debian/debian based distros for years

@KitsuneAlicia It's not intel sound drivers, B&O Model, I've already tried this

I have a HP Pavilion x2 with 2GB RAM and no linux distros have audio drivers and Windows 10 has really shit performance, What can i do with this device?

Windows 10 just put a Recycling Bin folder on a floppy disk and literally bricked it

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So today I found out that nvidia has a display spanning option and my 7 displays has caused the most longest and cursed display ever

hair does not cause homosexuality, a scientific paper

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