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I might invest into a pair of Long Fall Boots, If testing goes well maybe get the Aperture Science Handheld Portal Device if it comes out of beta, The prototype seems a little broken

Morning, Working for yourself means you can skip work whenever

This is my homemade chocolate bread review,

9/10 was a little too dry but quite enjoyed it, Had enough calories and sugar to be a benafit while not enough to ruin a diet,
Next time I may add banana to make some kind of choc chip banana bread, Other than being dry was a good bit of bread, Will Chocolate bread again sometime soon

Reminder to y’all,

April is autism awareness month. Couple of things:

1) do not support Autism Speaks. At all. They silence the voices of actual autistic people and seek a “cure” and compare us to cancer

2) stop and call out others reducing autism to a punchline and/or insult

tests are showing egg levels at 69%

(69%) ■■■■■■□□□□

@starwall Mines pretty much the same, Please finish the rubik's cube though

i have an irc server running at (but you can also log in with, its the same IP anyways)

crtnet is dead and is going to be shut down eventually so im hoping it can be put to use by us on fedi

its oragono on good server hardware with a gigabit connection, for what thats worth.

@8track That's actually funny,
I hate that they made a bold claim just for that

3am cooking experiments ended with chocolate bread

The Open Source Toast community went as sans and played Minecraft: Windows 10 Edition together on Saturday,
I forgot to send this toot and it decided to draft itself.

@funkeh Braixen has already been taken so I guess im going for Fennekin

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