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also if you're just a tor user in general you can't even access sites anyway

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can't wait to download viruses from pouet

tooting from my client may cause kernel panics (100%)

also i'm doing the thing where i casually just browse gopherspaces and go through bookmarks to bookmarks finding really interesting places

there is something really surreal using dial-up in 2020, just that you have to work around things, for example, using modern sites take ages to load so using cli clients is the way to go

cli discord combined with a cli browser is a good experience, dispite not being able to voice or watch videos, but on the plus side I don't have to worry about everything being laggy

imagine having to use a cli discord client because memleak issues

Does anyone know how to run apps in Windowed mode when using W10 compatibility for an old program?

Didn't post this on masto yet but if anyone wants to mess with the lcd you can do it in the paint-by-numbers channel

The paint-by-numbers discord bot has a web api now, which allows faster automation (because discord has ratelimits)

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