Doom and Wolfenstein Game Engine Black Books pay-what-you-want/free PDFs. (and links to buy physical books)

These are high quality deep technical dives into the game engines of those classic games.

I just setup a mastodon instance myself after 3 hours of trail and error

accidently rendered the blender cube so now you have to enjoy it too

Nearly 6am and I havent slept or fapped for over 56 hours and now I have xray vision

After spending most of my day in a tesla driving or playing minecraft while a friend drives I have came to the conclusion I want one

@citrustwee theremins aren't as cool as you would expect sorry to burst your bubble

depression levels are currently at 01% but fluctuating wildly

(01%) □□□□□□□□□□

ok so
glass eye decal of an amiga ball
should I???

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