also if you're just a tor user in general you can't even access sites anyway

The paint-by-numbers discord bot has a web api now, which allows faster automation (because discord has ratelimits)

So today I made a webcam stream that looks at a 128x64 lcd and you can control it from a discord bot

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So today I found out that nvidia has a display spanning option and my 7 displays has caused the most longest and cursed display ever

In my adventures I had created this cursed looking disk in my system, of 232 Exabytes,
Bigger question is what do I do with all this space /s

Got bored today and attempted to make a fat filesystem that has an infinite amount of (pseudo) files, they exist but only when they need to, I also tried adding the entire filesystem into a git repo and broke Gitlab,

While creating a usable version of the magic fat filesystem maxed out to 16MB (15.8 MB including the filesystem tables), I did a git commit and to my suprise it maxed out at 57668 files which makes sense in the filesize term.

I had a cursed idea and made a discord bot with economy and the database is stored in a .txt file which is also the config

During my move to gitlab I accidently found one of my nuked repos

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Birdsites targeted ad's doesn't seem to understand that I literally can't work

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