It's been a good 12 year run for me with #Ubuntu, but when my new work desktop PC gets here I'm going full time to #Debian.

I've been wavering back and forth for a while but yeah I reckon it's time to leave them to whatever the fuck they're doing now.

It used to be that they were the distro that smoothed out a lot of the quirks and issues I had, now it feels they're the cause of most of them.


@mike Because of package mixing between mint/ubuntu you have a high chance of creating a FrankenDebian on any forks of mainline debian, Throughout your years of ubuntu how many times did you fuck it up?

@BraixenIRL haven't fucked up Ubuntu for a very long time, I don't get very fast and loose with extra repos unless I really need something. I'm pretty aware of what's going on and my needs are, really, pretty simple.

It's the mixing of packaging systems and Ubuntu doubling down and pushing hard with their garbage Snaps that's one of the driving factors here.

@jlamar @BraixenIRL oh don't get me started on how fundamentally flawed and awful Snaps are. I could go on for hours.

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