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Most people need note of this but,
Feel free to interact with me :blobcatcoffee:

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I'm Brianna,

I do Powershell as a primary language and I put bread/toast into every tech project i am part of,
My eyes are sensitive to bright colors yet I love demoscene stuff because its beautiful also pronous are she/her thank you.

Feel free to DM here or add me on Discord "UtsuhoIRL#0112"

You have cute.


You have cute.

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I have played Minecraft nearly every day on a vanilla server for about 3 months and done so much

Yesterday I setup a nextcloud instance from my home for personal use but im allowing close friends to use it as well

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if you have more money than you need to live, today is a great day to give some to a trans person who doesn’t

⚠️Americans are asleep, Post Skirting Boards⚠️

oh shit the suns coming up, Time to go to bed!

As someone not native to the UK,
A Skirting Board is the most British thing I can think of

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Scrolled through fedi timeline up to 9 hours ago and I regret that decision

The soft whirr of a server fan is such a nice noise to sleep to, Unless it randomly reboots and just screams for 3 seconds

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What's up my fellow console hackers in cyberspace

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