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Most people need note of this but,
Feel free to interact with me :blobcatcoffee:

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I'm Brianna,

I do Powershell as a primary language and I put bread/toast into every tech project i am part of,
My eyes are sensitive to bright colors yet I love demoscene stuff because its beautiful also pronous are she/her thank you.

Feel free to DM here or add me on Discord "UtsuhoIRL#0112"

You have cute.


You have cute.

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Changed my x-post config so it cw's stuff from birdsite

It's super stupid that in the UK it's cheaper to travel by plane than trains...

Currently messing with Stylegan and making "This Cheese Does Not Exist" but training it to pictures of cheese

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Going through old videos i've commented on and in 2013 I apparently listen to this banger

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I took a look at Linux Academy, but so much of it is aimed at learning AWS, Azure and Google Cloud.

Are we the last selfhosters? :(

#selfhosting #foss #opensource #data #privacy #cloud

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nvm it has actually been done my sleepy butt thought not

has anyone thought if braille alt text under paintings

Thank you linus tech tips I also Mathematical Sans Serif Bold Small P

Silly question but what should I do with my spare time.. Specifically 36 hours extra a week

Don't get me started on NTFS......
NTFS is old and unoptimised and indexing is stored as UTF-16, attributes corrupt all the time and super proprietary

I like my filesystems with a cute unicode emoji and a loooong name

Looking at it, Windows in its entirety is a mess... The registry is a database mess..

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Two things:

1) add alt text to your images
2) follow @alt_text , who will gently remind you if you forget #1

Is there an easier way to rename the user directory on Windows other than reinstalling, That won't fuck up anything and is easy to do?


Suprisingly it has survived for that long, Windows 7, Windows 8.1 and now Windows 10, I think it is time to start a-new and reinstall...

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