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Most people need note of this but,
Feel free to interact with me :blobcatcoffee:

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I'm Brianna,

I do Powershell as a primary language and I put bread/toast into every tech project i am part of,
My eyes are sensitive to bright colors yet I love demoscene stuff because its beautiful also pronous are she/her thank you.

Feel free to DM here or add me on Discord "UtsuhoIRL#0112"

You have cute.


You have cute.

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+ of having a friend over the night

- of having a friend over the night
have to socialize

4th hard drive failure of someone this month in a discord im in

what the fuck

The woman accidently revived the promoted trend

:promoted: Promoted

This lady made kr0 (£0, $0USD) by literally doing nothing for an entire day, You could too.

:promoted: Promoted

tfw bluetooth speaker 8 houses away getting picked up

laser eye surgery costs £5600 ($7011.7 USD), aaaaaa i literally only have £83

how to legally make lots of money fast without crowdfunding becuase it makes me feel greedy

I am sorry to announce but due to birdsite sucking ass, You can no longer use birdsite on the Porsche 911 Carrera

imagine losing all data your storage drive and backup drive and not being able to afford data recovery aaaa

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