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Most people need note of this but,
Feel free to interact with me :blobcatcoffee:

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I'm Brianna,

I do Powershell as a primary language and I put bread/toast into every tech project i am part of,
My eyes are sensitive to bright colors yet I love demoscene stuff because its beautiful also pronous are she/her thank you.

Feel free to DM here or add me on Discord "UtsuhoIRL#0112"

You have cute.


You have cute.

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need help paying for rent/food, :boost_ok: Show more

Labeling my bee pspeaker wake up alarm as a "Mission critical service"

Using a serial port as a beep speaker as my wake up alarm

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there are 4 genders:

-winged victory

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Dedicated host with 2 users giving it pain on a daily basis,
Minecraft servers with lots of ram,
90 Windows XP VM's
A Bitcoin Miner
A prod webserver on a home network connection
32GB RAM Disk

I finally have a reason to like Gentoo, Joking all packages are outdated by 9 months

context to the minecraft server
was playing with friends amd I allocated 240GB of my servers ram causing it to lock one of the cpu's up

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Me: More rams minecraf server

our server engineer: big fuck

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Hey really dumb question but to your eyes what color is blood because i cant tell if it is blue, brown or red

You meet amazing people at a gay transbian music festival in block game

Well at least today was fun, I did a lecture and started with
"Hello everyome, I'm Brianna, I use Fedora and Pronouns which are She/Her btw" and then talked to Dylan at Mine Gala

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