So uh, since this instance died for a while, I migrated to

why tf is mastodon not showing my blog's icon, dammit

first time watching and interacting with my favourite streamer Pas on stream, they're so precious aaah

Reason number x why I will continue to keep a drm-free audio collection.

Discord will pause Spotify if you dare to have your microphone open for more than 30 seconds.

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@monorail you are a cute!!

and i'm not just saying that because i want to steal some colds from you today...

although i do :blobcatboo:

@monorail counterpoint: you are not only cute, you are BIG cute.

small glaceon is cute

you are much bigger than regular small glaceon

therefore you have more cute

i've done the math. it checks out

@Artemis yeah, that's in a way exactly what you want them for

it's just that people don't realize how subjective our ways to see stuff can be, as if putting them into a machine suddenly can fix that :blobcatthink:

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You can stack any two sandwiches, one on top of the other, to form a sandwich.

You can multiply a sandwich by a scalar by proportioning each of its ingredients by the scalar factor. This always forms a sandwich.

A sandwich is equal to another sandwich if they include the same amounts of each of their ingredients. Order of ingredients is ignored.

words *are* actions

you can't read or hear words without processing them. processing changes the structure of your brain, whether it's conscious or unconscious. and it adds up when it happens over and over and over again, especially when it never reaches your conscious mind.

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